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by Michael Greifenkamp (June 8th, 2004)

So this isn't necessarily gardening, but since I don't have a "houseplants" category...

My wife has moved into a new office at her job, and needs some plants. Fortunately, I happen to have a few. And all of these plants started from a single small vase filled with water and a few trimmings from a plant at one of my past jobs.

Philodendron plant

This is the plant that started from the cuttings in the vase. And it is also the source of the other four plants. By the looks of it, I had best be bringing another pot of dirt to work..

Philodendron plant

This plant used to hang from a hook on the wall but the cheapo plastic straps holding it broke a while back. Actually, I should probably put it in a new pot because this one has a big crack on the side of it.

Philodendron plant

This is the third plant that I started, and it has since also become a source of starts for new plants (this whole philodendron business has a chance to get wildly out of control at the current rate...). Of course, I turn all of the plants periodically so that they get even amounts of sun, so you cannot see the while Apple Computer sticker on the other side of this pot. ;)

Philodendron plant

This little guy sits on a shelf above the laser printer in my office. It is relatively new, on a galactic scale, but it is definitely established. I think this would be my choice for my wife to take to work.

Philodendron plant

Here is my newest addition. Right after I started this plant it took a tragic fall from the hook and ended up on the floor, spilling dirt and plant all over the place. After I got it all picked up, many of the starts died and had to be replaced. It seems to be making its way back to good health, though.

Well, as lame as it is, those are the plants in my office.