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Formatting and Displaying Photos

by Michael Greifenkamp (June 28th, 2004)

Digital cameras sure are convenient. There is no film to purchase or process, and no huge box of photographs taking up space. The problem is that while having a hard drive half-full of pictures is great when I want to view them, it does not help, say, my mother-in-law when she wants to see the pictures from last Christmas.

I realize that there are all sorts of resources on the web for displaying photos, but I came up with a quick and dirty way to do this on my own, and I think it works well. It uses a bit of Photoshop batch processing, and some nifty javascript trickery.

Ready? Let's get started...

The problem with a flash card full of images is that they are huge in size and have names like "DSCN09456.JPG." While I am very happy with the fact that my digital camera will take pictures that are 2272 x 1704 at 300 ppi, for purposes of viewing on a web page they do not need to be much bigger than 600 or 700 pixels wide at 72 ppi. Here is where Photoshop's batch processing capability comes in very handy--I am not going to waste my time opening all 30 pictures from the zoo and resizing each and every one of them.

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