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Formatting and Displaying Photos

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The first thing to do is create a custom filter that the batch processor will use on each image. Open one of the images that you would like to modify--we need a guinea pig when we create our filter.

Now go to the Actions tab and click on the right triangle near the upper-right corner and select New Set... (If the Actions tab is not visible, go to Window in the menu bar and scroll down to Actions...)

Image of Actions menu

I will call mine "Mike's Custom Actions." You should see your new set listed below the default actions. Now we need to record our action. What I am going to do is simply resize the picture to 700 pixels wide and then save it. I figure that most people have at least 15" monitors capable of displaying 800 x 600 pixels. Anyway, click once on the name of the new set of actions and then click on that little triangle again and choose New Action...

Image of New Action...

Give the action a descriptive name so you will know what it is when you want to use it again six months from now. The name I used is simple: "700 pixels wide and save." Once you have typed in the name of the action click Record. You will notice that the small circle at the bottom of the Actions palette is now red. This lets you know that you are currently recording an action.

From here, simply resize the picture to 72 pixels per inch and 700 pixels wide as you would normally using Image Size... from the Image menu.

Image of the Image Size menu

After you click OK, choose File --> Save As. It should not matter what you call the file or where you save it. The important part here is to pick a level of compression in the JPEG Options window. If we skip this step, we can still batch process the files, but Photoshop will pop up the JPEG Options window before saving each file. Hardly batch processing, eh? Anyway, I usually save photos between 7 and 9 for viewing on the web, but your mileage may vary.

Click OK and then go back to the Actions palette. Remember the red circle? There is a square just to the left of it. Click on that square to stop recording the action. You have just finished recording your action. Pretty simple, huh?

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