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Formatting and Displaying Photos

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I created a second action called "200 pixels wide" and went through all of the above steps, except that I resized the image to 200 pixels wide and did not do the Save As part. I will use this later to make thumbnail images.

Before I get into the batch processing part, I should give a brief overview of how my javascript stuff works so that the batch processing part makes more sense. The script that I created displays a table of thumbnail images, with three to a row. The script uses the total number of images, divides it by three, and then goes through that many iterations--drawing a table row with each iteration. Because of the way I wrote the script, it is expecting files to be called "thumb01.jpg," "thumb02.jpg," etc., and expects the full-size (i.e., 700 pixel wide) images to be called "photo01.jpg," "photo02.jpg," etc. The photos need to be in a directory called "photos" and the thumbnails need to be in a directory called "thumbs."

Okay, that said, let's get on to the batch processing. If you have not done so already, create a new directory for your original images. After moving your images to that directory, you should also create a sub-directory "photos" and a sub-directory "thumbs."

Now, back in good old Photoshop, choose Automate --> Batch from the File menu.

Image of File menu

For Set: use the name of your new custom set. For Action: I am going to use "700 pixels wide and save." Now you need to choose the source directory that has the images you want to batch process, by clicking Choose... and navigating to the correct directory. For the destination, navigate to and select the sub-directory called "photos."

Important: Make sure you check "Override Action 'Save As' Commands." Otherwise you will get two sets of images saved.

In the File Naming section, type the word "photo" in the first dialog box, pull down to "2 Digit Serial Number" in the second, and choose "extension" in the third. The example should read something like "photo01.gif."

Now click OK and hold on to your hats.

Once that is finished we need to make thumbnails. You guessed it--we need to run another batch process. File --> Automate --> Batch. This time choose "200 Pixels Wide" as your action, change the source directory to the "photos" directory that contains all of the 700 pixel-wide images, and change the destination directory to the empty "thumbs" directory. You should now uncheck "Override Action 'Save As' Commands," or else no files will be saved (since this Action does not have a save part to it...).

The last thing to change is in the File Naming section. Change "photo" to "thumb" but leave everything else the same. Click OK and sit back and watch the thumbnails being created.

You should now have a directory "photos" that has "photo01.jpg," "photo02.jpg," etc., and a directory "thumbs" that has "thumb01.jpg," "thumb02.jpg," etc. On to that javascript that I mentioned.

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