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Removing Non-Standard CD from Slot-Loading iMac

by Michael Greifenkamp (July 20th, 2004)

Ugh. My pal Jeff called yesterday because he had a friend with a problem. Someone had stuck one of those credit card-sized mini-CDs into a slot loading iMac at the office. Oh boy. But I took the case--what the heck.

I took the unhappy iMac home and before doing anything else powered it up and made a backup of the entire hard drive. The surgery I was about to perform should not necessarily endanger the hard drive, but just in case, I spent some time copying their data to a folder on one of the drives in my G4.

Backup up the iMac

Now the fun begins. I should say that obviously the manual eject button did not work, even after turning the iMac on its face and shaking it slightly while pressing the switch, so surgery was indeed necessary. The first thing I did was find the most ratty towel that I could find, knowing that I might post the pictures on the internet. Okay, actually it was just the first one I grabbed. I placed the sad iMac upside down, with the monitor away from me.

iMac upside down on desk

I was hoping that I could get this done without actually having to remove the drive from the machine, but I did know that I would at the very least need to remove the bottom plastic cover.

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