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Removing Non-Standard CD from Slot-Loading iMac

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Getting the cover off really is not that tricky of an ordeal, until the last step, that is. The first thing I did was removed the two screws near the front (monitor side) of the unit--near where the flip-arm thing is.

Picture showing location of the front two screws on the iMac

The next step was to pop off the plastic cover for the VGA port. This cover is near the back of the machine, behind the door that houses the memory and airport card. I used a small flathead screwdriver and gently pushed on the tab until the cover popped upwards.

Removing the VGA port cover

Underneath that cover several more screws were revealed. The only ones I needed to remove where the outer of the four screws. The inner ones are not holding the outside cover that we are removing, and hence, those two screws do not need to be taken out.

Remove the outer two screws

Getting the cover off was a bit tricky, but probably only because I had never taken one of these off before. It was easy to get the back part of the cover separated from the top of the unit, but when I got to the front of the machine, it did not seem to want to come off easily, and I certainly did not want to break any tabs or crack the case. I tried gently several times to lift the cover straight up, and also tried pushing on both the cover and the case. Finally I realized there must be no other way, and simply lifted the cover as if the front of the computer were a hinge (almost like removing the front of a washing machine or dryer...). After a slight "pop" the cover was free of the rest of the unit--no broken tabs or cracked plastic. (Phew!)

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