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Removing Non-Standard CD from Slot-Loading iMac

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Again, I was hoping to not have to remove the entire drive from the unit, so the first thing I attemped was to use a very thin ruler--a pica stick--to see if I could get lucky and just maybe get the disk out that way. I spun the unit so that the monitor, and the drive, were now facing me and began gently probing around for the errant disk. And as luck would have it...

Disk partway out of the drive

After only a few moments I managed to get the right amount of friction between the ruler and the disk, and was able to slide it safely out of the front of the drive. Of course, I would not try this with anything much thicker than what I was using--there is not a whole lot of room to manuever inside the drive.

Removed disk on the desk

And there we have it. I really wish those silly little disks never would have been produced. Either that, or that iMacs had a sign on them in big bold letters warning of sticking any non-standard media into the drive. Sheesh.

Reassembling the iMac was really just a reverse of what I did to take it apart, and in no time I had the covers replaced. I started it up, it behaved properly, and I even stuck a normal CD in the drive to make sure the drive still worked. And it did.

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