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Symbolic Links

by Michael Greifenkamp (August 17th, 2005)

I can't ever seem to remember how to do symbolic links on the first try, so I'll write it down here.

Say you have a huge directory name, one that would be a pain in the neck to type in every time you wanted to access it, a neat thing to do is create a shorter "symbolic link" to it.

Instead of having to do something like:

# cd dnetc496-linux-x86-elf-uclibc

...every single time you wanted to access that directory, create a symbolic link first. Here's how:

# ln -s dnetc496-linux-x86-elf-uclibc dnetc

Pretty simple. I just created a link called "dnetc" for that directory. Now, anytime I want to access that directory instead of typing out the long nasty directory name, I just type:

# cd dnetc

Pretty simple, eh?