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Last year I used a screen that I covered with rocks, and that seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping the algae out of the filter. I tried the same thing this year, but I don't think I put in enough rocks and there were probably gaps that allowed the algae to get to the pump and filter.

I put the two filters over the pump and then placed my screen over the top, more to hold them down than anything else. I put in a few rocks to hold the screen down, and then filled the pond with enough water to cover the pump. I wanted to make sure that my newly-cleaned pump and filter would work, before filling up the entire thing with rocks and water and then plugging it in and having it not work. As it turns out, it worked just fine.

I kept adding more rocks starting from the inside and gradually making my way to the sides of the pond.

I continued to add more rocks until I had the entire bottom covered and the rocks were two to three inches thick.

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