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Installing ColdFusion MX8 for Apache 2 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5

by Michael Greifenkamp (April 8th, 2008)

After following the instructions in the little book that comes with ColdFusion MX 8, and running the binary that installs and starts ColdFusion, you're still not finished. You have to "connect" ColdFusion to Apache.

The way to do that is to run the following, as root:

/opt/coldfusion8/runtime/bin/wsconfig -server coldfusion -ws Apache -bin /usr/sbin/httpd -script /usr/sbin/httpd -dir /etc/httpd/conf -coldfusion -v

If you're reading this, however, I'm assuming that it blew up. It did for me. It needs the Apache developer tools installed (httpd-devel). The error I got was this:

Could not find the required apxs (Apache Extension Tool) binary /usr/sbin/apxs. Check that package httpd-devel package is installed. Could not build Apache2 web server connector from source. Use build script /opt/coldfusion8/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/build_jrun22.

What to do next? Install httpd-devel, of course:

yum install httpd-devel*

After that installs ("Complete!"), re-run the configuration command:

/opt/coldfusion8/runtime/bin/wsconfig -server coldfusion -ws Apache -bin /usr/sbin/httpd -script /usr/sbin/httpd -dir /etc/httpd/conf -coldfusion -v

It should create the connector now. At the end of doing so it complained to me that it couldn't restart Apache, so just do that manually:

service httpd restart

That did the trick for me. I hope that this information helps someone else at some point. Drop me a line if you have any questions.