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How to Make a Repeating Background Image

by Michael Greifenkamp (November 2nd, 2009)

The other day I wanted to make a custom background for my Twitter page. I thought it apropos to use something computer-related, so I decided to use circuitry. Rather than copy someone else's repeating circuitry background, I thought I'd make my own and use the opportunity to make a tutorial of sorts.

The first thing I did was found an old PCI card that had a simple-but-not-too-simple pattern on it. (For the record, the card I used appears to be a SoundBlaster card from an old PC--the date on it is 1997). I put it on the scanner and scanned the image into Photoshop.

From there I found what I thought was a semi-interesting section that again filled my "simple but not-too-simple" requirement. You'll notice that the chunk I picked has a clear area at the top and bottom with no circuitry on it--that's on purpose. The image in its current form can already be repeated vertically without any problem.

The next step is to offset the image so that it can be tiled.

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