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How to Make a Repeating Background Image

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Once the middle parts of the new image are fixed, we will have a truly-repeatable image. The next steps to take were to fix some of the "broken" spots where circuits either were chopped off or didn't line up correctly. The top arrow of the next image points to where I moved up part of the line on the upper-right quadrant to match up with the image to the left. I then copied the solder point and angled circuit lines under the top arrow, pasted them, flipped them vertically and matched them up (second arrow). Next I copied and pasted another part and made it slightly skinnier so that it would line up with a chopped off circuit (third arrow).

I repeated this process several more times. In the next image you can see where I modified, removed, and added circuits and solder points to make more of the top of the image match up left-to-right (top arrow). There was also a big blank spot in the middle that I wanted to fill up so that things looked more random, and so that the edges of the original image wouldn't be so obvious. The oval and three middle arrows show where I copied and pasted three solder points a couple of times and then for the third set only pasted two of the points. Using more copying and pasting and manipulation I was able to get the circuitry at the bottom of the image to line up as well.

I realize that there is a background pattern to the circuit board that can be detected if you look closely, but I'm going to end up shrinking the image enough that it shouldn't be apparent when "tiled."

And here's the final image after shrinking slightly:

If you would like to see it in action, here's a blank page with the circuit image tiled.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

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