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Tomatoes and Peppers 2003

by Michael Greifenkamp (August 17th, 2003)

Well, I've needed something to put in my Gardening section, and a thread at MacFixIt Forums gave me the excuse to set down my beer and pick up the digital camera and snap some shots. (Even though it is an older camera and doesn't take the best pictures--I should be getting a replacement that will be much fancier this week...)

Mmm. Tomatoes...

An image of my tomato garden

I know what you're thinking--"what a rat's nest." Yep. It sure is. I tilled up a very, very small section of our yard this spring so that I could have my own tomatoes (Pete, our neighbor, has a garden too--you can see it at the top left of that picture on the other side of the fence--and offers me whatever I'd like to have, but I wanted to have my own tomatoes this year....).

So the kids and Betsy went and picked up 6 teeny tiny little tomatoes plants. I should have only planted 3 of them. Wow. We have tomatoes out the wazoo.

Another image of our mess of tomatoes

Here's a shot from the other direction. We usually have about two dozen ripe ones at any given time. I've been making salsa like a madman. If I'm not in a hurry, I dice the tomatoes, dice a few peppers and part of an onion, and let it all, well, fester. If I need salsa for dinner (or I'm being lazy) I just plop a tomato or two and a pepper or two into the blender and make a salsa slushie. :) My friends are also quite thankful to receive a fresh tomato or two, or six.

Whiskey barrel with peppers, cilantro, parsley, and some volunteer petunias

Here's a little whiskey barrel that my wife used to plant some herbs. To the lower left is what remains of her cilantro, and the right side contains a bunch of parsley. In the middle are two hot salsa pepper plants (that I stuck in there)--and the little tag wasn't kidding when it said hot.... And how nice for us--petunias from several years ago decided that this would be a nice season for them to volunteer. They are pretty so we'll leave them be for now.